The Gerichtslaube around 1870

Around the year 1870, more than 800,000 people were living in Berlin. A few years later, Berlin had grown to a city of one million people, and by the turn of the century, the city already had nearly two million inhabitants. The old town hall had to make room for the "red town hall", and the adjacent "Gerichtslaube" (courthouse pub) only found its place 100 years later in Berlin's Nikolai quarter.

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Gerichtslaube Berlin um 1270


Gerichtslaube Berlin um 1400


Gerichtslaube Berlin um 1500


Gerichtslaube Berlin um 1870


Gerichtslaube Berlin um heute

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Gerichtslaube Berlin 1870
Berliner Wappen und Inschrift: Seit anno 1270